Buying and selling of used machinery:

Machine Tools

e.g. lathes, mills, grinding, sawing, boring machines etc.

Metalworking machines

e.g. press brakes, plate shears, stamping presses, notchers, nibblers, benders etc.

Sheet metal forming machinery

e.g. presses, knuckle-joint presses, high speed presses.

Machine accessoires

e.g. coil reels, straighteners, feeds.

Lift machines

e.g. cranes, forklifts, pallet trucks, hoists.

Machinery brokerage

Exchange of large machines, specialized machines, locating of special-use machinery.

Machinery transport

rigging. Our own lift and transport equipment and trucking.

New machinery program

competitivly priced reasonable priced coil reels and straighteners.

Machinery buying

buying of surplus machinery.


Ankauf freigestellter, überzähliger Maschinen und Betriebseinrichtungen. Alle Fabrikate anbiten: besonders Deckel, Maho, Alzmetall, Bihler, Bruderer, Schubert Arku, Kohler, May.
Kurzfristige Abwicklung möglich.
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