Service from the beginning to the delivery

Our services

The core of our business is about the purchase and sale of redundant machines and operating equipment. We offer our customers all popular and well-known brands in all different types. From classic drillling machines, roller leveler until special machines of all different kinds. Our focus are machines of well-known brands like Deckel, Maho, Alzmetall, Bihler, Bruderer, Schubert Arku, Kohler, May.
The fast processing of sale and purchase is every time possible. Furthermore we are specialised in finding machines, our service and transport. Have a look on our new machines.


Purchase of redundant machines. Especially all popular brands.


Wide assortment on more than 5.000 square meters exhibition space. From A like ALZMETALL to Z like ZOLLER

Machine mediation

For our customers we offer a targeted search of specific machines, grand machines and special machines.

Machine transport

Removal, displacement, shift of machines. Own lift und transport equipment, own carpool.